The Killing of Gaza

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Written by a Fall 2018 intern at SJPJC: DO
On September 13, I attended a screening on the film Killing Gaza at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center. Prior to watching the film, I did no have knowledge about the violence and essentially genocide that is occurring within the Gaza strip. While watching the documentary, one cannot help but feel disgusted for the atrocities the Palestinian people have had to live through. the demolition of the Palestinian people is being ignored on an international scale due to the lack of media coverage it receives. The people of Gaza are living in rubble as a result of the constant air strikes. What justifies the killing of innocent people? The Israeli forces have engaged in countless human rights violations including: the right to life and liberty and freedom from torture.
Syria is not the only country that is currently experiencing displacement due to war and violence, but as well as the citizens of Gaza. I urge others to watch this documentary or research further information about the conflict between the people living in Gaza and the Israelis because they are in need of humanitarian assistance. If you would like to learn additional information about the issues please visit this website:

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