Help Us Create a 2020 Snapshot

History is being made right now. It is taking place in our streets, on virtual meetings, and through coalitions demanding justice locally and across the nation – all within the context of a global pandemic. This is a time that future generations will understand as a monumental shift, and we want to chronicle our collective experience!

The San José Peace and Justice Center is documenting this revolution and creating a digital snapshot of 2020 thus far by collecting the powerful words, images, and videos that have been inspired by the movements supporting racial justice, immigration rights, defunding and demilitarizing, and government accountability in the Bay Area.

If you have any videos, pictures, art, speeches, poetry, music, or anything else that you would be like added to a video collection, please submit contributions to by Sunday, July 19th. If you have any questions, send them to Maren via email at

Please note: only submit images you feel comfortable making public and only share images that will not compromise the safety and privacy of others. In the submission form, you will be asked if you would like to be credited under a pseudonym. 

A blue banner with the words "San José Peace and Justice Center" painted
A banner created for the San José Peace and Justice Center by 2 wonderful community members.

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