Criminal Justice meets Abolition!

San Jose Peace and Justice intern Diamond Tabron introduces Transformative Justice to end prisons and policing, a hot topic that deserves to be talked about!

Diamond is currently in the process of receiving a degree in Justice Studies at San Jose State University. Having knowledge in criminal justice gives Diamond a great opportunity to compare the prison and policing system through a lawful background but also recognizing major issues as an abolitionist. 

On May 17th at 5:00PM, join Diamond as she will bring us together during SJPJC office hours to discuss the steps established through a series of Mixtapes created to end prisons and policing through the eyes of an abolitionist as a final project to complete her internship. There will be discussions and surveys during the presentation to assert the understanding about policing, abolition and the content of the Mixtapes.

The idea of these Mixtapes originated from Just Practice Collaborative as an offering in response to the overwhelming number of requests they receive for training, workshops and support around the abolition movement. The Mixtapes are seen as a way to nourish and care for the abolitionist community with as many resources as possible provided right now. You can access the Mixtapes at this link . Please be aware that there is a fee to access this content. Money raised from the Mixtape series goes to closed captioning, compensation for the presenters and donations to BIPOC run organizations/formations who have a history of working on Transformative Justice in Chicago, IL

A green cassette tape with the words "Mixtape for Transformative Justice: Steps to End Prisons and Policing".

Behind this information is Mariame Kaba, Shira Hassan, Deana Lewis, and Rachel Caider. Four powerful women who are all active in movements for racial, gender, and transformative Justice. The effort and determination each of these women have put into making a change for the world as abolitionists has impacted people so much and has allowed them to continue teaching and informing people across the nation about the issues we have with policing today.

*For more information and access to the Zoom link please email Diamond at

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