Apply for a Student Organizing Fellowship with #PoorPeoplesArmy

Large group of protesters with a group of people in the foreground holding a sign for Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign.

Does social justice, class struggle, and fighting oppression spark an interest? Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign has thirty plus years of organizing movements led by poor, homeless, and formerly homeless individuals. They realize that our economy is moving towards a jobless economy, with vacant jobs that cannot cover basic needs in order to live. They are against the professionalization of poverty-management and the non-profit industrial complex full of anti-poverty organizations.

In order to create a new system to end poverty forever, they have launched a new campaign: POOR PEOPLE’S ARMY!

As a Student Organizing Fellow, you could gain hands-on experience with the poor and homeless leaders in the Poor People’s Army and members of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign.

The fellowship will allow students to work with a tried and true method of grassroots organizing that models itself after peasant movements across the world. Student Fellows will work on projects in three major categories: Projects of survival, Movement building, and Educational.

Click here to apply to the #PoorPeoplesArmy Student Organizing Fellowship!

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