Good news for taxpayers and non-profits

hand donating coins, hand writing check

By Charlotte Casey, Treasurer of The Collins Foundation and SJPJC Coordinating Council Member

For our 63 years of existence, the Peace & Justice Center has been supported by donations from real people, not corporations! In exchange for supporting the work we do, many donors were able to take a deduction and reduce their tax bill.

That changed when new IRS rules for tax year 2018 doubled the amount of the standard deduction. The result was that fewer people itemized their deductions and without the incentive to get a tax deduction, charitable contributions dropped off.

This year, the pandemic relief bill included a tax provision for everyone to deduct up to $300 even if you don’t itemize. So now when end-of-year fundraising is underway for many non-profits (including of course our beloved SJPJC) it is important to note that the tax-deductible perk is back!

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