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Help us celebrate our 65th anniversary

This year we will be celebrating 65 years since the San Jose Peace Center was founded in 1957 by Barby Ulmer, Rev. Shorty Collins, and Dorothy Goble.  For the last 10 years, we have celebrated the anniversary on or close to September 21, International Day of Peace.

Last year, we held the celebration on Zoom. But this year, we will gather at the Center on Sunday September 25th, not just to celebrate this amazing anniversary but also to congratulate the Peace & Justice Center for being awarded Nonprofit of the Year for Assembly District 27.

We acknowledge the leadership of our former Director, Michele Mashburn, who led the Center for almost 6 years, building strong ties in the community and involving us in new areas of struggle such as the fight for disability rights and justice.

Michele left her position as Director in May to pursue other opportunities. Since that time, activities at the Center have been coordinated by the Coordinating Council: Donna Dillard, Jeff Lake, Karla Henriquez, Jenna Perez, RJ Ramsey, and Joan Simon.

Not surprisingly, Covid 19 impacted the work of the Center and two years ago we had to close the Collins House to all meetings and events. Space at the Center was used by mutual aid groups such as the Unhoused Resource Group and others to store supplies. During the shutdown, we kept the Peace Pantry well stocked and began the Garden Project.

Community members led by Stories for Solidarity painted murals on the walls surrounding the back lot. Now this outdoor space is used for events and meetings, and we will gather there on September 25th. (If you are interested in using the outdoor space, email

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 25th – stop by any time between 11am – 2pm

All our guests will receive a gift from the garden.

Note: street parking only! Please wear your mask!

Your donation can help us continue the struggle for peace and justice for another 65 years!

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