Sunflower with Peace in Ukraine

Will the war in Ukraine turn into another endless war like the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? How many Ukrainians must die and be displaced? That depends on whether the United States and its allies support a negotiated solution.

The outlines of a peace agreement already exist:

  • A comprehensive ceasefire.
  • Withdrawal of Russian forces.
  • A Ukrainian commitment to international neutrality.
  • An agreement or referendum on the future of the disputed Donbas region.

So far, U.S. leaders have urged Ukraine to keep sacrificing its people, using U.S. weapons paid for by our tax dollars — $5.3 billion and counting since 2014.

The war in Ukraine has become a proxy war between Russia and U.S./NATO.

 Lloyd Austin, U.S. Secretary of Defense, recently announced that the goal is to weaken Russia – a goal that will lead to perpetual war. Will it ignite a Third World War? A Nuclear War?

We call for a diplomatic peace resolution in Ukraine, instead of pumping more arms into the war zone. No more tax dollars for war. Join the movement to end the war!

Join us at the San Jose Friday Peace Vigil, Every Friday, 5-6 pm, 4th & San Fernando St

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