On Tax Day/Good Friday: Protest War Spending!

People with signs and banner condemning Lockheed

Two opportunities to protest war spending on Friday April 15:

11:30 AM in Palo Alto: The Pacific Life Community of the Bay Area, CodePink, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom and others will meet in the parking lot at 3000 El Camino Real (corner of El Camino and Page Mill) and march to the Lockheed office in Palo Alto.

It’s time to call out Lockheed for what they are– merchants of death, war profiteers, terrorists, and the greatest impediment to peace and security on the planet. Protesters are demanding that Lockheed disarm and convert to making things to sustain life, such as clean energy and transportation systems.

5 to 6 PM in San Jose: The Friday Peace Vigil will continue its 20 year “Honk for Peace” vigil at 4th and San Fernando and will distribute flyers pointing out that the US spends $2 billion per day on the military. Join us!

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