Group Healing Circle – April 23, 2022 – 1-2pm

Dear Community Members!

We are thinking of you as we acknowledge the many disturbing events in the world right now; the ongoing wars and imperialism, the continuing hate and legislation targeting our Black, Jewish, Asian, Muslim, Latino/a/e, and LGTBQ+ communities. All amidst an unrelenting pandemic and an amplifying climate crisis.

We stand in solidarity with those suffering due to war and acknowledge the blatant racism our African and Indian communities are also experiencing at the Ukrainian borders. We recognize that this challenging point in history is an important time to remember the significance of human connection and community; in times of crisis, those most marginalized are usually the ones most impacted. To address the constant world disasters that are flooding our senses, the San José Peace & Justice Center is starting an event series to help address the mental and emotional well-being of our community members.

Black woman smiling at the camera with conch earrings, outside in a garden with green foliage in the background.

By healing alongside others, we become better equipped to cultivate healing within ourselves and within our communities as we continue to work towards justice and equity. We are excited to announce that Dr. Myra Miller will be the speaker for our very first event, where she will lead a healing circle to address the chronic stress the community is facing in a safe space. Dr. Myra Miller is one of the co-founders of the non-profit, The Nature Studies Conservatory, which works to provide communities with a supportive environment modeled using a heart-centered approach to bring about social and environmental justice.

Dr. Myra Miller’s work draws upon Indigenous and ancestral knowledge to help provide coping mechanisms for dealing with burnout, compassion fatigue, chronic stress, and anxiety due to ongoing racism, social-economic injustice, and violence, as well as paths to healing and sustainable restoration.

Register to attend this event using the link below. We are excited to gather with our community and look forward to seeing you there!

Saturday, April 23, 2022 1 to 2 pm

Registration link 

Donations are also received through this link.

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