Stay Home but Not Silent

Image of a megaphone with #StayHomeButNotSilent and #17April2020 - International Day of Peasants' Struggle

A message from Charlotte Casey, a Collins Foundation Board Member and SJPJC Coordinating Council Member

I first saw this slogan on a tweet from the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement.  The Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is surpassing even his idol the U.S. President in his criminal denial of the extent of the crisis, calling the pandemic “a little flu”.

But Bolsonaro is facing massive opposition as the numbers of infected Brazilians is rising exponentially. One form of resistance is the nightly banging on pots and pans at 8:30 pm. Tens of thousands of people shout “Bolsonaro Out” and make as much noise as possible from their windows and balconies.

Here in the U.S. we are seeing creative forms of resistance including caravans of cars honking as they surround public buildings like the #FreeThemAll demonstration at the ICE office in San Francisco on March 31.

But even without getting in our cars we can do what the Brazilians social movements are calling on their activists to do:

“Transform windows, patios, sidewalks, and yards into our plazas for demonstrations and our pots and pans into drums of resistance!

Make your own flags and banners! Let our walls speak and show our strength and resistance!”

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