Space Use – Fall 2021 Update

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As the pandemic continues, there are a lot of questions about using the space at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center. Santa Clara County has done a great job at getting a high number of adults vaccinated and this is slowing the spread. With the Delta Variant, we started to experience breakthrough cases where a vaccinated person still becomes noticeably ill thanks to the COVID-19 virus. There have even been reported deaths by COVID-19 while vaccinated. We have known since our last space-use update that there are people who cannot receive a vaccination and others who may not have a fully protective response. So there is still a risk of severe illness if some people contract COVID-19. With our health care system as it is, it is hard to predict who may have underlying issues. Therefore, it is essential that our plans start with those most impacted by the virus. Older adults, disabled adults, and those with serious health conditions, or a combination of those risk factors are still at a higher risk if exposed to COVID-19.

At this time we are accepting submissions for outdoor meetings and events. Approval will be on the basis of anticipated capacity and the nature of the event, as well as a willingness to meet with SJPJC staff to discuss expectations and specific needs of the group. A basic COVID protocol is required for any event hosted at the Center. This is just a guide as to how your group will mitigate the risks and tend to your community’s needs. As always, you can fill out the form to suggest an event on our Community Calendar:

Some policies and procedures to keep in mind: 

  • Please wear a mask when inside. Outside mask use is strongly recommended when in larger groups of people for more than 15 minutes.
  • Limit the number of people in the house as much as possible. The current capacity is around 10 people in the lower level at a time.
  • Obtain a custom code for the back door locks and do not share code publicly. If needed, we can create more than one code.
  • Sanitize all used tables and chairs before putting them away.
  • The front gate on the house must be open at all times when people are coming in and out of the space.
  • Front and back doors should be locked at all times unless the door is actively monitored by a volunteer during the event.
  • Notify the Center if you learn a member of your group develops COVID-19 and was at the event.
  • Keep a list of names of those who attend your event to notify them if someone reports being ill after the event. Contact tracing is the best tool against the spread of the virus now that the majority of people are vaccinated.
  • Each group gives to build – there is no set fee to reserve the space, and any donation will allow us to continue to serve groups moving forward.

Other requirements include:

  • Please physically distance when able.
  • If sound equipment is used, it must be sanitized between each person and cleaned before putting it away.
  • If food is being served, we request masks to be used around the serving table.
  • Sanitize and clean the restrooms, tables, chairs, door knobs, and any frequently touched surface after each gathering. Cleaner is kept in the bathroom downstairs. 
  • Please let us know your suggestions and best practices. 

At the end of your event, please remember to fill out our Space Use Form and donate either online or leave your donation in the black mailbox in the middle room inside.

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